Massage Element

Senses Standard Massage Treatments:

Indian Head Massage 30 min R280
Pure Relaxation Back Massage 45 min R380
Swedish Massage 60 min R490

Senses Specialized Massage Treatments: 

Sports Massage 90 min R550
Hot Stone Back Massage 45 min R450
Hot Stone Full Body 60 min R500
Hot Stone Full Body 90 min R650
Tranquillity Back of Body 45 min R450
Reflexology 45 min R350

TheraNaka Signature Massages- 80 min

TheraNaka African Wood Massage   R700
Mimicking the rhythmical patterns of an African dance, this signature massage blends light techniques and specially designed body and facial wooden implements to relax and restore your weary body. Being drizzled with a warm Olive and Shea butter ointment, will nourish and heal dry skin whilst experiencing blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.
TheraNaka Tri-Scented Shea Body Nugget Massage R700
Inspired by the people of Africa’s use of the circular form, this unique ritual was created to encompass our connection with nature and celebrating the circle of life. Small blocks of aroma infused Shea Butter are placed on different areas of your body which will aid circulation, relax and clear areas of congestion. Experience the soothing warmth as the butter melts under your therapist’s hands leaves you utterly relaxed and your skin nourished and hydrated.
TheraNaka African Awakening Massage   R700
Drawing inspiration from the Marula tree and the African traditional healing beliefs, an ultra-relaxing indulgent full body massage was created. The skilful combination of contracting and oxygenating enhancing breathing techniques, will awaken your senses and revive your body and mind. Enjoy the freedom of choosing your favourite scent from our selection of Marula-herb infused Fusion body oils to address your every need.
TheraNaka Infusion Massage 30 or 50min R350 or R490
Enjoy the freedom of choosing your favourite scent from our selection of Marula-herb infused Fusion body oils or Avo and Shea-massage butters to address your every need whilst restoring balance.
 PEACE Oil or SUNSET butter- Relaxing
 RECHARGE Oil or DAYBREAK butter- Uplifting
 STORM Oil or STORM butter – Detoxifying
TheraNaka Body Exfoliations 30 min R450
Our cleansing preparatory body scrubs are made with 100% natural blend of plant botanicals to gently and effectively eliminate dead skin cells, moisturise and leave the skin soft to the touch. Feel invigorated and revitalised as a message of new life and renewal will be weaved.


Musculavine Massage   30 or 60min R450 orR650
Intensive massage and muscle reconditioning techniques are used to help relieve muscular tension, followed by the application of a refreshing circulatory gel.
Musculavine Muscle-Release Spa Ritual    120min R900
After receiving a warm, aroma-infused sugar scrub, you are submerged in a hydrotherapy bath containing a concoction of muscle warming actives. A muscular aches and pains oil is applied to your body after which a massage is performed to help ease the pains of muscle spasms, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. A circulating gel is then applied, leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated.
Circulavine Leg Treatment   45min R250
An invigorating foot and leg treatment combining manual lymphatic drainage with a muscular aches and pains body oil. Your feet and legs are then wrapped in a circulation-booster gel followed by the application of a hydrating body lotion. This is the perfect treatment to help relax and relieve tired, heavy legs.