Purifying Essential Treatment  45 min R390
This is a Purifying Treatment with extractions and sebum absorption elements for an oily or acne prone skin.
Hydrating Essential Skin Treatment 60 min R450
The HAFI fragments, which attract water and activate cell metabolism within the skin, can be described as a supplement to a moisturiser for dry skin concerns and helps to revive a dehydrated skin with a significant Hyaluronic Acid boost in the skin.
Age Prevent Essential Skin Treatment 60 min R690
Makes use of the very powerful Astaxanthin Complex in deeply penetrating Liposomal Capsules to deliver maximal skin protection and quenching of skin free radicals. The optimal treatment for skin that is exposed to excessive environmental stress and sun.
Acne Protocol One/ Two 30 min R550/ R650
Revitalisation One/ Two 45 min R550/ R650
Pigmentation One/ Two 30 min R550/ R650
Age Correct One/ Two 75 min R650/ R750
RetiStore and RetiStore Plus 75 min R900/R1000
Advanced Pigmentation Peel 60min R950
Derma Pen   75 min R1200
Micro-needling therapy is also known as collagen induction therapy. It is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and
non-ablative procedure for overall Facial Rejuvenation and anti ageing interventions, and by using our efficient
and cost effective Micro-needling tool we seek to create controlled skin injury.
Add On
Growth Factor Masque R150
Transderm R200