Power Deep Cleanse   60 min R550
A treatment focused on purifying and renewing skin. Extractions are performed while skin is soothed using the Dermalogica signature line.
Dermalogica Core Treatment   60 min R690
 Focused on a single or combined segment of the custom skin programs to suit your skins needs.
Wildly Creative Treatment   75 min R750
A treatment that tackles zone specific concerns of the skin, zoning in on each condition the skin is experiencing.
Age Smart Treatment with Hydrating Eye Focus      90 min  R850
The latest in ingredient and machine technology preventing and treating the ageing process.
Age Smart Lift and Firm Treatment    90 min R950
Prevent and treat textural cellular ageing while strengthening and firming facial muscles.
Prescription Facial     90 min R1150
The most Advanced Skin Treatment combined with the Power of a Peel with the benefits of a Skin Treatment. Includes all Machine Technology.
BioSurface Peel     60 min R750
A biologically active, biphasic peel that will decrease surface roughness, treat acne, reduce fine lines and help fade pigmentation in the epidermis and dermal-epidermal interface.
BioSurface Peel Course     R4500
Purchase 6 BioSurface Peels and receive the 7th Peel worth R750 absolutely free.
Microzone     30 min     R350
A 30 minute treatment focusing on a particular skin concern.
Clear Start Teenage Treatment     45 min     R350
Designed to calm and treat problematic teenage skin
Add On
Contour masque R150
BT Micro R150